Spectrum – MA95 (Sherwood)


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We’d like to say that the Spectrum mask from Sherwood Scuba is one of a kind. But with three completely different lenses, it’s simply not true. With the Sherwood Spectrum we are introducing our first Mirrored and Colored Lens mask. Each color provides a unique perspective above and below the surface. Mirrored and colored lenses not only provide a new and refreshing look to a standard tempered lens, they also enhance the lens functionality.

* The Sunscape Lens is designed for diving where colors are vibrant. This unique lens will filter out blue wavelengths which allow more reds, yellows, oranges, and greens to your eyes while diving.

* The Rubicon lens is designed to add more optical contrast and make things easier to spot while diving. This lens is ideal for low light levels or even night diving.

* The Platinum lens is designed to reduce glare from the sun while at the surface, without compromising visual acuity , while below the surface.

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